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We have raised $128,845.93 including donations, pledges and sponsoring 23 children since the end of July 2014. 

Thank you Friends of Haiti supporters!

Housing Project & Latrines

2019 Update:

Back in late 2014 and early 2015 donations from Friends of Haiti in the amount of $10,740 were made to assist with construction of latrines that were to accompany the last phase of a housing project that Chalice had undertaken in Haiti South following the horrific earthquake of 2010. The Earthquake had caused significant damage throughout the area of the Haiti South Sponsor Site. Although the needs assessment conducted at the time for Chalice’s Disaster Relief response identified the need for latrines, priority was given to the construction of homes which did not include latrines. With the housing project progressing nicely a proposal was approved to construct a latrine for a number of the remaining families and in the end there were 24 constructed with the help of your donations.

There were delays in completing the work due to Hurricane Matthew which hit Haiti in October of 2016 and we had further delays due to the changes at the Haiti South Sponsor site. The project has now been completed and 24 families have been the beneficiary of latrines. The Sponsor Site Director has expressed his gratitude for all the work, including the latrines, that has been done following the Earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.   Below are a few photos of the grateful recipients.

Haiti continues to struggle but that struggle is made a little easier with the help and support of our donors. Thank you for all of the support for the work that we have done to help those in need.  You continue to make a difference.

University Students

Last Update:

This year, there are 8 students who are continuing their studies.  Grant funds have been sent to Sr Merilise to cover this year’s tuition for the students.  Here are a few pictures of some of them.  All but two are in Nursing (the others are Teaching and Agronomy).  We are so proud of them all!

LBL 1422 NaphtalieLBL128 Yrlande

LBL1118 Wildy

LBL1316 MicknelleLBL1366 Daniel


As part of the recent mission trip, the group organized a community day in Jeremie for the sponsored children in that subsite. The event consisted of an afternoon of hockey games, rosary making, dental hygiene presentations, dancing, and lots of snacks. Six of the FOH Scholarship students attended and helped organize the event. As part of the “opening speeches”, they each spoke to all of the younger kids and emphasized the importance of staying in school. They were all very proud to be there and are very appreciative of         the opportunity Friends of Haiti continues to provide. Joseph Wildy continues to be a great spokesperson for the group!

student group1joseph


(Initial post below)

13 Students are heading to University!  

Completing Secondary Education is a goal that is difficult to obtain for many students in Haiti. To go beyond secondary school and obtain a university degree is often only a dream.  Friends of Haiti believe that dreams can become reality through hard work and perseverance.  We are pleased to provide a grant of $7,500.00 to the Haiti South Sponsor Site. This grant will cover entrance fees, tuition, and books for one year for 13 aspiring professionals who have earned university entrance.  These young men and women have benefited and grown through the Chalice Sponsorship Programme for several years. They continue to have the love and support of their sponsors as they begin post-secondary education.  Attending university is a dream that has become reality because Friends of Haiti are “Doing Something” to make a difference and create hope for the future.  Among this group of 13 students are future nurses, agronomists, teachers, administrators, and business and trade professionals.


Joseph Wildy, the young man pictured above and in the testimonial video below, is a graduate of College Alexandre Dumas (Secondary School) in Latiboliere. He has been sponsored through Chalice since 2001. He is now attending the University of Jeremie (Universite de Jeremie) and studying Agronomy. 

Check out the video of him thanking Chalice: http://youtu.be/fxheSypV5EY

Good Luck to Joseph Wildy and to all recipients of Friends of Haiti Scholarships! We are proud to be a part of your journey of development; we know that you will “Do Something” for your community.

Feeding Hall – Completed!


The LBL feeding hall/cafeteria/study hall is an addition to College Alexandre Dumas in Latiboliere. It is finished!  It has been named La cafeteria Roy Grantham (Allan’s late father) and we couldn’t be more proud. Without this cafeteria, the school was not able to provide a hot lunch to the students.

For many kids in Haiti, the lunch they receive at school is often the only real meal of the day that they receive. As we all know, from an educational point of view, children can concentrate and learn more if they have had a little to eat.  Chalice has 165 sponsored children who attend this school and the school has a total student population of 500.  Completing this cafeteria will mean that 500 children will receive a hot meal at lunch time every day at school. This would make a monumental difference to the quality of education these kids receive.  The approximate cost to finish this building was $30,000.  We raised the full $30,000 – Thank you Friends Of Haiti supporters!  There was a great urgency to fund this project first as 500 children have a hot meal every day for 5 days a week while attending school!!

here are some ‘completed’ photos as well as during construction:


DSCN0409 DSCN0402 DSCN0403 DSCN0404 DSCN0405 DSCN0406 DSCN0407 DSCN2496 DSCN2498DSCN0410

Below shows a site where the kids are a part of the food program:

DSCN2637DSCN0118DSCN0122DSCN0115 DSCN0293 DSCN0116 DSCN2618

 Check out Jamesly’s progress!

Friends Of Haiti donated the expenses to take Jamesly to Port Au Prince for an evaluation to see if we can do anything to help improve his condition.   He travelled to Port au Prince on the 8th of August with Sr Gislene (Good Shephard Sisters of Quebec) and his aunt. He stayed with family in Port au Prince until the end of August. During that time, he had consultations with Orthopedic Specialists at the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital.  He had returned to Port au Prince again for physiotherapy treatments which helped assess possibilities for surgery and has continued before plans for surgery in Port au Prince are put in place.  The surgery took place in March.   Take a look at the pictures below to see his improvement while getting ready for surgery and after!


Below are pictures of Jamesly from 2018, his progress is amazing!

Jamesly’s first day back at school!  We are so happy for him 🙂

Here is Jamesly at his home and the Chalice office in late May 2015 a couple months after his surgery… making great progress!

at family house Jamsley in our office ssiter home

Jamesly’s surgery took place on March 12, 2015 at Daquini Hospital in Port Au Prince.  The estimated cost for  this surgery is 75000 Gourdes, which is approximately $2,000 Canadian.  Friends of Haiti raised funds already earmarked for this purpose and we have covered the cost of the surgery.   Here is a recent picture with his Aunt and Sr Merilise in Port au Prince.  Just look at that smile!


Friends of Haiti will be supporting his future medical expenses as well so all donations are greatly appreciated.  Estimated cost $3,000 to $5,000.

June 2014: DSCN0267

October 2014:    100_6614 (4) 100_6619

Click on the following link to see a video of Jamesly when Allan first met him: http://youtu.be/gC887EBGEtk

 Housing Project

DSCN2711 DSCN2929

Housing Construction – Haiti South:
The project is designed with a focus on building communities as groups of four families come together contributing labor, water, sand and where possible, wood and large stones. The construction of the four homes per construction circle is overseen and supported by the local Village Development Committee which is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work.


Latrines @ approximately $700 each, including engineering costs.  Our goal is to build and install 15 @ $10,500.

Image (6) DSCN0582

Update on the Housing Project & Latrines: 

The fundraising requirements for the currently approved Haiti Housing Program as well as the Latrines Program for Haiti South have been met.  Friends of Haiti has played a huge part in helping to fund these initiatives and we are very pleased to see the construction of these much needed homes and latrines that are enhancing the lives of the people of Haiti South.

Parent Groups Embracing Literacy and Micro-Savings



We just received a few pictures of one of the new groups in Roseaux that continue to meet.  We are so proud of this initiative!



 ___   ___   ___

Allan’s visit to Haiti South last June provided inspiration and encouragement for Chalice Parent Literacy Groups.  Two Adult Literacy Groups that Allan visited continue to flourish and have served as an example for others. There are now two more groups in the sub-site of Roseaux, one in the remote community of Plingue (Allan and Father Pat walked nearly two hours each way up a mountain path in June to visit Plingue) .  Collectively, these groups have grown to include 119 adults. The $5,000 that Friends of Haiti raised and generously donated has allowed Chalice, through its Haiti South Sponsor Site, to provide direct support to these groups:  books and classroom equipment (desks, chairs, chalk boards) are provided. Each adult student is also provided with notebooks, pens, and a book bag. Additionally, two volunteer instructors for each group (a total of eight instructors) now receive a small monthly stipend.  In addition to learning to read and write, these groups are also planning and starting micro-savings initiatives.  Educating children is essential; educating parents as well strengthens families and creates hope for the future.

Friends of Haiti is proud to be with Chalice on this journey of sharing with those in need; together, we are “doing something” to make a difference.

___   ___   ___

Capital cost estimated at $5,000.  Donations to date: $5,000.  Fully funded – Thank you Friends Of Haiti supporters!


Within the Haiti South sub-sites, many parents of Chalice sponsored children realize that their own ability to read, write, and manage their own finances allows them to better support their families and serve as examples to their children. Allan visited two parent groups in the sub-site of Latiboliere who have been gathering since early this year every afternoon for two hours. With volunteer instructors, members of these groups are studying basic literacy and beginning conversations regarding micro-savings. Each groups consists of approximately 20 parents.  As Allan visited, the excitement among these parents was evident as they explained to him what their goals are – ranging from being able to read their children’s report cards, helping their children with homework, to beginning a micro-savings plan to support future dreams. These groups need support in the form of basic materials including study books, pens, paper, and committed instructors. Named, Ecole Alpha and Group Solidarite Parent de Foucand, these parents are making excellent progress and are serving as shining examples for others.  

 Chalice Champions

Chalice Champions are everyday people who are passionate about helping the less fortunate.   During Allan’s trip to Haiti in June 2014,  he visited Jamesley (see Jamesly’s story below) and other sites in Haiti to see how he could help.  He became a Chalice Champion upon his return and raised over $109,405.93 to date to help Jamesly and fund various projects that will change the lives of many children and their families.  Take a look at the video that shows Allan explaining in his own words why he had decided to partner with Chalice in Haiti:

Click here to open the video in YouTube: http://youtu.be/hXHcBWb0vM4


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