To date, we have raised $128,845.93 including donations, pledges and sponsoring 23 children since the end of July 2014.  Thank you Friends of Haiti supporters!

Cheques can be made payable to:
Chalice Canada
C/O Friends Of Haiti
380 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS  B3M 2L4

US DONATIONS: Payable to Chalice Inc.
P.O. Box 846011 Boston, MA 02284-6011

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Projects your donations are funding…

Water Purification

Currently, some children are walking for over an hour everyday to get water to their families.


Water purification: individual water treatment stations that use filtration are available in Port Au Prince, which runs a school for implementing the system.  We are currently investigating the cost of sending qualified candidates to attend the school and learn how to build the devices locally.  The schools are 1-2 weeks long and after attending, these individuals should be able to install the filtration systems locally.  The cost for the school and 50 filter systems is approximately $5,000 and Friends of Haiti is committed to raising the full amount.

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Image (7)

Image (10)Image (8)

2 of the very few dug wells in Haiti South:

DSCN0626 DSCN0624

Building and Renovating Schools

Plans are being considered for a school depot/library in Carrefour-Sanon.  Initial cost estimate and engineer plan is $7,000.

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Building and Renovating Medical Clinics

The clinic/laboratory is in Carrefour-Sanon.  This will either be an add-on or separate building and we are committed to raise the $12,000 to complete this project.

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  • Providing medical equipment and supplies (cost estimates are being tabulated).
  • Medical care for the critically ill and disabled children.

Special Occasion Gifts

We have great gifts for every occasion: Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, Wedding Gifts, etc.
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2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. These are wonderful projects! I have to say, I also really like the ‘Special Occasion Gifts’ section. Some great ideas there for birthdays and Christmas!

  2. Way to go! 500 kids getting a hot meal everyday is so awesome!! These projects are great – I made my donation!

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