Corporate Sponsorship/Testemonial

The Staff at Vanity Fashions – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Businesses or groups that want to DO SOMETHING can sponsor a group of children or help fund larger initiatives.

You can make a donation to Friends Of Haiti personally or corporately.  If you have a large group of 8 or more people (employees of a company, church groups, family members or friends etc.), Allan can develop and show your group a personalized slide presentation with pictures and videos to explain where your donations could be used.  

Contact us to discuss this in more detail: (902) 429-2917 or Email Us.

We would like to give a special THANK YOU to Brian, Colleen, Sidney and the wonderful staff at Vanity Fashions of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  They are a great testament of how we can all make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.  Vanity Fashions sponsored 10 children and is building a home for a family ($2,800).  Brian helped Allan coin the phrase “What’s In Your Heart” for his theme.  Brian , Colleen and Sidney believe that giving to the children and families of Haiti is part of their life-long quest to help the less fortunate and they hope to take Sidney on Allan’s next trip to Haiti. They are going to offer a matching program to help their employees sponsor a child.  Brian feels this generous benefit will help to increase moral and provide a strong team atmosphere.  Their generosity defines their beliefs!  

Brian Schwartz (Owner of Vanity Fashions), his wife Colleen Schwartz and their daughter Sidney.

Recently some of the children that Vanity Fashions and the Schwartz family are helping, participated in an event at the Grantham Cafeteria in Latiboliere.  Here are a few photos:

vanity 1vanity2vanity3

Vanity Fashions “Wall of Hope”:

DSCN0646 DSCN0641

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