Housing Project

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Housing Construction – Haiti South:
The project is designed with a focus on building communities as groups of four families come together contributing labor, water, sand and where possible, wood and large stones. The construction of the four homes per construction circle is overseen and supported by the local Village Development Committee which is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work.

The fundraising requirements for the currently approved Haiti Housing Program as well as the Latrines Program for Haiti South have been met.  Friends of Haiti has played a huge part in helping to fund these initiatives and we are very pleased to see the construction of the much needed homes and latrines that are enhancing the lives of the people of Haiti South.

Here is a video of the Chalice Canada housing project:

Have a look at the current homes:

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Donating to Friends Of Haiti:

Cheques can be made payable to:
Chalice Canada
C/O Friends Of Haiti
380 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS  B3M 2L4

US DONATIONS: Payable to Chalice Inc.
P.O. Box 846011 Boston, MA 02284-6011